Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reached 8k Today

Yay, I earned another stone. However, I've been a little behind in this blog. This is due to college, but hopefully I'll put a couple posts during spring break and play more games.

So, far I think my strategic thinking is getting a lot better, because I try to play consistently. I just have to make sure I don't make those huge mistakes. :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Korean insei Na Hyun beat 2 top professionals straight!

Korean insei Na Hyun beat 2 top professionals straight!

I've read this on This 11 year old kid is really good at go. I find it amazing that he can beat two professionals back to back. I'm so weak that he could probably crush me easily even with a 9 stone handicap.

I'm looking at a goal of 1 dan by July in the very earliest, by January by the latest. This article made me realize that despite that jump in strength, I still would be tremendously weak against professionals and inseis.

So I'm asking myself, "Can I play on a competitive level someday?" Perhaps, most likely not, but I think I should give it a shot. I learned the game a few years ago, but I never played consistently enough to have steady progress. However, even if I practice every day, I wonder if that's enough.

Well, I should probably walking on my road to shodan, than just sitting around thinking about it... Away I go!

David Dang

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go and the "Three Games"

Go and the "Three Games"

It's been awhile since I made a post. This is due to me going back to school, and I'm trying to get everything in control. I haven't played as much go as I have during break, but I try to play at least a game a day. Here's an interesting read on Go compared to two other games; backgammon and chess. It's great, because it's not a novel. The essay is an interesting read when you have time. I would suggest this essay to anyone, but perhaps more towards beginners learning the game so that one can see the difference between Go and other games.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Game 27: Death by Fire 2

Game 27: 3 Stone Handicap Me(10k) vs Ping(6k)

This was incredible. I challenge this 6k to a three stone handicap game. He changed it, so he got the three stones. So I was playing against a stronger player who got a handicap. I was so mad, but I played calmly (Well at least in the beginning before getting frustrated), and tried my best.

However, I could've easily won the game if I played my best. I think I was a little intimidated that a higher rank had the handicap. However, I don't think my opponent was 6k, because I was able to actually closing the gap.

The game is commented by me below.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]HA[3]KM[0.50]TM[1800]OT[1x30 byo-yomi]
PW[Bonaparte]PB[ping]WR[10k]BR[6k]DT[2010-01-19]PC[The KGS Go Server at]AB[pd][dp][pp]C[Bonaparte [10k\]: Hello
Bonaparte [10k\]: Good luck
;W[dd]WL[1788.045]C[Bonaparte [10k\]: I gave myself the handicap... :(

From here on out, I'm going to look carefully on my game menu so I never do this again.]
;W[ed]WL[1779.785]C[Thank you for making me stronger.]
(;B[ba]BL[1755.916]C[Small move. Black should play elsewhere.]
(;B[cj]BL[1747.398]C[I think this is unreasonable, because we're kyus. I may not know much about invasions very well, but i think black should've played at a bigger point.]
;B[dl]BL[1714.875]C[This was an unreasonable cut.]
;W[gi]WL[1647.609]C[Now black allowed me not only a bunch of stones, but also allowed me to expand towards the center.]
(;W[fn]WL[1524.545]C[I misread it here. I should've just went with my instincts.]
(;W[mp]WL[1436.06]C[I was too cautious about the two stones linking up.]
;B[qj]BL[1531.757]C[It was very frustrating that I overlooked me group on the lower right.]
(;W[le]WL[1110.524]C[I lost this group... At this point I was thinking how to com back from behind through unreasonable means.]
;B[]BL[1201.644]TW[qa][ra][sb][ac][bc][ad][ae][ce][af][cf][ef][cg][dh][fi][fj][ek][fk][dl][el][gl][ll][fm][km][iq][ir][jr][lr][mr][is][js][ks][ls][ms]TB[ea][fa][ga][ha][db][fb][ld][nd][le][me][oe][lf][sf][jg][lg][rg][ih][kh][lh][mh][sh][ii][mi][ni][ri][si][aj][bj][sj][qk][sk][al][ql][rl][am][pm][qm][rm][sm][an][bn][pn][qn][rn][sn][ao][bo][po][qo][so][ap][bp][sp][aq][bq][cq][dq][pq][qq][rq][sq][ar][br][cr][er][pr][qr][rr][sr][as][bs][ds][rs][ss]C[Bonaparte [10k\]: why did you give yourself a handicap?
;W[ri]C[I would be able to create two eyes if I did this.]))
;W[qh]C[Something like this would've won the game for me.]))
(;W[kf]C[Again I played too aggressively. White is likely to his group die in the center, because I think he can only create on eye.]))
(;W[oq]C[Black has to connect or else he's cut.]
;W[go]C[This would be a good result for me.]))
(;W[go]C[I don't think I was done here. Perhaps I should've played here.]
(;B[fh]C[Black should've connected, and lose the three stones, and capture the four white ones.]
(;W[ch]C[I think I should've played here.]
;W[eg]C[I was seeing this sort of resolution to my invasion.])
(;B[eg]C[Maybe black should play here.]))
(;W[bm]C[Perhaps I should've been more aggressive and double hane.]
(;B[kq]C[Perhaps Black should put more pressure on white? I don't know if this move would be reasonable.]
(;B[lq]C[Maybe a little more farther away.]
(;W[jp]C[I misclicked. I should've played here.]))
(;B[ci]C[I think black should establish a base first.]))
;B[ci]C[A simple joseki would've just worked dandy for black.]))

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game 26: Death by Fire

Game 26: Me(10k) vs Bazilikan (8k)

Go teaches that when up against opposition, one must be calm and rationale and not lose themselves to anger. This applies in real life situation. This includes Texas Hold'em, arguments with friends, and driving. If one loses themselves to anger, they will lose money, friends, and even their life. Go is a game, but it can be used as a tool to see who you are through your game. It is possible to see your own personal weaknesses be the same as your weaknesses in your game.

When I play go angrily, I try to play as aggressive as I can, especially when I lose one of my groups early in the game. In go, groups need to create two eyes in order for them to be not surrounded and captured. When two eyes are not created, the group is called a dead group. Stones that separate groups are called cutting stones. This allows the player to make threats to kill a group that does not have two eyes.

Here is an image of living groups that have two eyes. These groups cannot be captured.

Players who wish to get better at go, work on Life and Death problems. There are problems that require you to make a living a group, and there are also problems that require you to kill your opponent's group. Unfortunately, I was never very good at life and death, which will be obvious in this game.

In this short game. I recently lost my ASR League game against Suai, and then Bazilikan offered to play a game against me. The trouble started when I pincered by white and didn't know how to respond to the peep. Then, it all went downhill, because I did not protect the right cutting point. As a result, I paid a heavy price by losing my group. I did not see clearly, and my group died in gote, which was very frustrating. As a result, I made many moves that I thought were aggressive to try to make up the points. Afterward, I realized they extremely easy to refute, and it was not the type of play I would normally make. Through my anger, I allowed my two groups to die in this game.

However, in the future, I will be more mindful of my temper. So at least, I can give my opponent a decent game.

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[1800]OT[10x60 byo-yomi]
PW[Bazilikan]PB[Bonaparte]WR[8k]BR[10k]DT[2010-01-16]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[Bonaparte [10k\]: good luck
;W[dd]WL[1674.164]C[Bonaparte [10k\]: just because it's not ranked
;B[cf]BL[1780.702]C[Bazilikan [8k\]: intresting
;W[fe]WL[1540.866]C[Bazilikan [8k\]: im recrating this on my goban
;B[ac]BL[1592.814]C[Bazilikan [8k\]: do i hear death in gote anyone?
;W[kp]WL[1486.608]C[Bonaparte [10k\]: I'm awful at life and death
;W[rr]WL[1408.112]C[Suai [6k\]: ouch :l
;W[hr]WL[1395.505]C[Bazilikan [8k\]: thank you for the game
Bonaparte [10k\]: thank you
Bazilikan [8k\]: tynogo
Bonaparte [10k\]: A shame I didn't give you a good one
Bonaparte [10k\]: :)
Bazilikan [8k\]: its ok
Bazilikan [8k\]: you
tynogo [-\]: gg guys
Bazilikan [8k\]: have the same problom as tynogo
tynogo [-\]: me?
Suai [6k\]: lol white got an interesting moyo o.o or mightve
Bazilikan [8k\]: both of your tenuki's are off time
Bonaparte [10k\]: I ignored urgency
Bazilikan [8k\]: yes
Bazilikan [8k\]: always think
Bazilikan [8k\]: am i ok?
Bazilikan [8k\]: is he ok?
Bonaparte [10k\]: rematch?
Bazilikan [8k\]: whats big?
Bazilikan [8k\]: play tynogo
Bazilikan [8k\]: ill review it
Bonaparte [10k\]: fine
Bazilikan [8k\]: (with me audio)
tynogo [-\]: wait im still in reveiw
Suai [6k\]: :o can one of you guys show me how the top died?
(;B[cd]BL[1790.407]C[Bazilikan [8k\]: you too
Bazilikan [8k\]: btw
Bazilikan [8k\]: mind undoing that and playing q3 instead/?
Bazilikan [8k\]: im gonna have to turn my screen sideways otherwise
Bonaparte [10k\]: lol
Suai [6k\]: o.o
Bonaparte [10k\]: why?
Bazilikan [8k\]: because then ill have a good view on both sides
Bonaparte [10k\]: k
Bazilikan [8k\]: yay

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go a Game

Here's my first post for for this blog.

So, I've decided to put some philosophical musing to the game instead of uploading my games so I can look at my comments in a chronological order. Go has many references to life, and every time I play, I learn another concept to life.

I saw this in a person's profile on KGS (Kiseido Go Server) "If Go is like a war, then chess is a a knife fight in a phone booth." Go is a simple game with few rules compared to chess, but the game is far more complex and difficult to master. Computers can dominate grandmasters in chess, but not against go professionals.

For those who don't know what a go set looks like. Here's a picture below.

I decided instead of explaining the rules. Why don't you play it? Here's the link to the go site where I first learned how to play.
Learn to Play Go

In the future, I hope to write about how go relates to life and vice versa. It's quite interesting and when you play enough, you see a reflection of yourself in the game. The only philosophical thing I learned from chess was "You don't kill pieces, you capture them.... so you can kill them later". (I'm kidding)

For the go players at, feel free comment on your views of go.

David Dang

Game 25: 4 Stone Handicap Me(10k) vs Javaness

Game 25: 4 Stone Handicap Me(10k) vs Javaness

So this is the second game that I played against my teacher, Javaness (Ian Davis). I felt very good about this game, because I performed a lot better than my previous game when I had a six stone handicap. To me, that feels odd, but I guess it shows that I've been getting better.

I'm starting to get a feel for my own style. It's strong attacks with severe moves. I find it kind of interesting. However, I'm looking at other styles to give myself a look into what pros are playing. It's absolutely fascinating.

Anyway, it seems I've gotten out of the habit of going over through my moves on my blog, but I'm kind of lazy. So, I'll start with one and I'll see how it goes.

Move 57 I think I should've hasseled white more, but I was wondering whether having territory between two walls is good. I guess the answer is yes, in the case of the game I played. Over concentration should be what I'm worried about.

Well, I've realized that this will take forever to reach 1000 games, and perhaps maybe I'll be a 1p by the time I finish on the last one. Well... I hope that happens.

David Dang